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Rainin - Pipette - SL-5000

Pipet-Lite single channel pipette, 500-5000 uL, for use with standard tips

Product Description:

The Rainin Pipet-Lite single-channel pipette is designed for precise liquid handling in the volume range of 500 to 5000 µL. This pipette is compatible with standard tips, offering convenience in various laboratory applications. The ergonomic design ensures user comfort during prolonged pipetting sessions, reducing the risk of repetitive strain injuries. The lightweight construction contributes to enhanced maneuverability and accuracy.

This pipette features a durable construction, ensuring long-term reliability in your lab environment. The easy-to-read volume display and adjustable settings allow for precise and efficient pipetting processes. Whether you are working with samples in research, pharmaceuticals, or diagnostics, the Rainin Pipet-Lite single-channel pipette provides the accuracy and precision required for consistent results. Upgrade your liquid handling capabilities with this reliable pipette from Rainin.


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