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Cyrotube, 5cc, Pp, Sterile Pk150

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CAT ID: 4605-2

MFR PART #: 4605-2

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Weight: 4 lbs

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Sartorius Cyrotube, 5cc, Pp, Sterile Pk150

Cyrotube, 5cc, Pp, Sterile Pk150

Product Description:

The Sartorius Cryotubes are designed for secure and reliable sample storage. These 5cc polypropylene tubes come pre-sterilized for immediate use. Each pack contains 150 tubes, offering ample storage capacity. The sterile nature of the tubes ensures the integrity of the samples. These Cryotubes are ideal for various laboratory applications that require low-temperature storage. With Sartorius' reputation for quality, these tubes provide peace of mind when storing valuable samples. The tubes are easy to label and organize, contributing to efficient sample management. Suitable for research facilities, hospitals, and diagnostic laboratories, these Cryotubes are a dependable choice for preserving samples in a clinical or scientific setting.


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