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Piston assembly BPE MC 25-250 ul

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CAT ID: 712810

MFR PART #: 712810.01

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Weight: 2.5 lbs

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Sartorius Piston assembly BPE MC 25-250 ul

Piston assembly BPE MC 25-250 ul

Product Description:

The Sartorius Piston Assembly BPE MC 25-250ul is a vital component designed for precise and efficient liquid handling in various laboratory applications. This assembly ensures accurate volume dispensing in the microliter range, ranging from 25 to 250ul.

Crafted by Sartorius, a renowned manufacturer in the industry, this piston assembly guarantees reliability and quality performance. It is compatible with a range of micropipettes, contributing to its versatility in different lab settings.

With this piston assembly, users can expect consistent and reproducible results, crucial for experiments demanding high precision. Its ergonomic design also enhances user comfort during prolonged pipetting sessions.

Whether used in research, pharmaceutical, or clinical laboratories, the Sartorius Piston Assembly BPE MC 25-250ul is a dependable tool that streamlines liquid handling processes and ultimately improves overall laboratory efficiency. Trust in Sartorius for accuracy and quality in your liquid handling needs.


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