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Tip Cone Housing 8-Channel, Color 131688 (grey)

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CAT ID: 721668

MFR PART #: 721668

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Weight: 2.5 lbs

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Sartorius Tip Cone Housing 8-Channel, Color 131688 (grey)

Tip Cone Housing 8-Channel, Color 131688 (grey)

Product Description:

This 8-channel tip cone housing in color 131688 (grey) by Sartorius is a reliable accessory designed for multi-channel pipettes. It ensures a secure fit for pipette tips, enabling precise and efficient liquid handling in laboratory settings. The grey color coding allows for easy identification and differentiation between different channels or applications.

Constructed with quality materials, this tip cone housing is durable and compatible with Sartorius multi-channel pipettes. It facilitates quick tip changes, reducing downtime between experiments and increasing overall productivity. The precise design of the cone housing guarantees a tight seal with the pipette tips, preventing any potential leakage or contamination during pipetting procedures.

Ideal for research, pharmaceutical, clinical, and other laboratory environments, this 8-channel tip cone housing enhances workflow efficiency and accuracy in pipetting tasks. Upgrade your multi-channel pipette with this Sartorius tip cone housing to experience seamless tip attachment and reliable performance in various liquid handling applications.


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