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Package, Biohit Proline, For Mechanical Sc´s

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CAT ID: 721829

MFR PART #: 721829

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Weight: 2.5 lbs

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Sartorius Package, Biohit Proline, For Mechanical Sc´s

Package, Biohit Proline, For Mechanical Sc´s

Product Description:

This Biohit Proline package by Sartorius is designed for use with mechanical pipettes. The package contains essential items to enhance pipetting efficiency in the laboratory. It is crafted to meet the high standards required in scientific research and testing environments. Compatible with Biohit Proline mechanical pipettes, this package ensures a seamless experience during liquid handling tasks. The components are quality-made to enable accurate and precise pipetting, essential for obtaining reliable results in various lab applications. By choosing this Biohit Proline package, users can benefit from the assurance of quality and compatibility with Sartorius products, making it a valuable addition to any lab setting.


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