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AC adapter/USB cord for Biohit Picus Pipette, refurbished.

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CONDITION: Refurbished


MFR PART #: LH-736061

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Weight: 0.25 lbs

Sartorius - Pipettes - BC-CHR (LH-736061) (Certified Refurbished)

AC adapter/USB cord for Biohit Picus Pipette, refurbished.

Product Description:

The AC adapter/USB cord designed for the Biohit Picus Pipette by Sartorius provides convenient power and connectivity options for enhanced usability. This accessory ensures seamless charging and data transfer capabilities, allowing users to efficiently manage their pipetting tasks without interruption. Compatible with the Biohit Picus Pipette, this adapter cord facilitates easy recharging, keeping the pipette ready for use whenever needed. Additionally, the USB connectivity enables quick and reliable data exchange, streamlining workflows in the laboratory. By incorporating this accessory into your setup, you can increase the productivity and performance of your pipetting processes, making it a valuable addition to your laboratory equipment arsenal.


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