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Antistatic Weighing Dishes 140x140x22h, 300mL, 500 Pc/cs

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CAT ID: D250-3

MFR PART #: D250-3

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Weight: 7.12 lbs

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Simport Scientific Antistatic Weighing Dishes 140x140x22h, 300mL, 500 Pc/cs

Antistatic Weighing Dishes 140x140x22h, 300mL, 500 Pc/cs

Product Description:

The Antistatic Weighing Dishes by Simport Scientific are designed to facilitate precise weighing procedures in laboratory settings. With dimensions of 140x140x22mm and a volume capacity of 300mL, these weighing dishes come in a case of 500 pieces, ensuring an ample supply for routine use.

The antistatic properties of these dishes help prevent particles from clinging to the surface, avoiding contamination and ensuring accurate measurements. This feature is particularly beneficial when working with sensitive samples or materials that are prone to static interference.

Crafted with quality materials, these weighing dishes are sturdy and reliable, providing a stable platform for samples during weighing processes. The spacious design allows for easy handling and transfer of materials without the risk of spills, promoting efficient workflow in the lab.

Whether used for analytical weighing, sample preparation, or general laboratory tasks, these Antistatic Weighing Dishes offer a practical solution for professionals seeking accuracy, cleanliness, and convenience in their daily work.


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