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Staintray With Black Lid 10 Sl 1 Pc/cs

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CAT ID: M918-2

MFR PART #: M918-2

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Weight: 15 lbs

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Simport Scientific Staintray With Black Lid 10 Sl 1 Pc/cs

Staintray With Black Lid 10 Sl 1 Pc/cs

Product Description:

The Staintray with a black lid by Simport Scientific, INC. is designed to hold up to 10 slides securely in place. This convenient Staintray is ideal for staining procedures in laboratories, ensuring efficient and organized handling of slides. The black lid helps protect the slides from dust and contaminants, maintaining the integrity of the staining process.

Made of durable materials, this Staintray is easy to clean and autoclavable, allowing for repeated use in various staining applications. Its compact size and stackable design save valuable space on the benchtop, promoting a clutter-free workspace. The Staintray's sturdy construction provides stability during staining procedures, reducing the risk of accidental spills or slides getting damaged.

Whether used for routine staining or specialized protocols, the Staintray with a black lid offers a reliable solution for handling slides with ease and precision. Its practical design streamlines workflow processes in histology, cytology, and other laboratory settings, making it an essential tool for professionals seeking efficiency and accuracy in slide staining tasks.


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