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Cryo Stor. 1.2 & 2mL, 100 Places, Green 24 Pc/cs

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CAT ID: T314-2100G

MFR PART #: T314-2100G

Availability: Ships direct from manufacturer*

Weight: 15 lbs

*Manufacturer lead times may vary due to production delays, stock availability and weather conditions. If you wish to get information on alternatives, contact a Pipette.com Sales Representative

Simport Scientific Cryo Stor. 1.2 & 2mL, 100 Places, Green 24 Pc/cs

Cryo Stor. 1.2 & 2mL, 100 Places, Green 24 Pc/cs

Product Description:

The Simport Scientific Cryo Storage Box is designed to securely hold 1.2ml and 2ml cryogenic vials in a compact and organized manner. With 100 numbered places, this green storage box allows for easy sample identification and retrieval. Each case contains 24 cryo storage boxes, providing ample storage capacity for various samples.

Ideal for laboratory settings, research facilities, and medical institutions, this storage solution ensures the safe preservation of valuable samples at ultra-low temperatures. The durable construction of the storage box protects the vials from damage and maintains sample integrity. The compact size of the box saves valuable freezer space while offering a systematic approach to sample storage.

Facilitating efficient sample management, the Simport Scientific Cryo Storage Box streamlines workflow processes and enhances overall productivity. Its user-friendly design simplifies sample organization and access, making it an essential tool for professionals working with cryogenic samples. Invest in this reliable cryo storage solution to optimize sample storage and retrieval in your laboratory.


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