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Micrew .5mL Ft Ss 0-Ring Np Ster. Tp 500 Pc/cs

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Simport Scientific Micrew .5mL Ft Ss 0-Ring Np Ster. Tp 500 Pc/cs

Micrew .5mL Ft Ss 0-Ring Np Ster. Tp 500 Pc/cs

Product Description:

The Micrew 0.5mL Screw Cap Microtubes by Simport Scientific, INC. are a reliable choice for your laboratory needs. This sterile pack of 500 tubes is designed with a flat top and a secure o-ring seal to prevent leakage and ensure sample integrity. The polypropylene construction makes them durable and suitable for a wide range of applications.

These microtubes are transparent for easy sample visibility and feature a smooth interior for efficient sample retrieval. The screw cap design allows for easy opening and closing, ensuring convenient access to your samples. With a nominal capacity of 0.5mL, these tubes are perfect for storing small volume samples securely.

Whether you are working in a research, clinical, or academic setting, these Micrew microtubes are essential for sample storage, centrifugation, or PCR applications. Trust in the quality and reliability of Simport Scientific, INC. products to meet your laboratory demands. Stock up on these 0.5mL screw cap microtubes to streamline your sample handling processes and maintain the integrity of your valuable samples.


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