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LAB & PHARMACY REFRIGERATOR MODEL 27 Cubic Ft. 764 liters Upright

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Weight: 440 lbs

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So-Low - Lab Equipment - DH4-27GD

LAB & PHARMACY REFRIGERATOR MODEL 27 Cubic Ft. 764 liters Upright

Product Description:

This So-Low laboratory and pharmacy refrigerator offer a spacious 27 cubic ft. (764 liters) capacity in an upright design. Ideal for storing temperature-sensitive items in laboratories, pharmacies, or medical facilities, this refrigerator ensures reliable cooling performance. The precise temperature control feature allows users to set and maintain the interior temperature as needed for the stored contents. The refrigerator is built to meet the stringent requirements of laboratory environments, providing a dependable solution for storing reagents, samples, vaccines, and other materials that require consistent cooling conditions. With adjustable shelves for customizable storage options, this refrigerator offers flexibility to accommodate items of various sizes. The efficient design of this refrigerator not only ensures uniform cooling but also helps conserve energy, making it an environmentally friendly choice. Trust this So-Low refrigerator to safeguard your valuable laboratory and pharmacy items with its advanced cooling technology and user-friendly features.

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