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Finnpipette Dig 20-200uL

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MFR PART #: 21377289

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Weight: 2.5 lbs

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Thermo Fisher - Pipettes - TFD-200

Finnpipette Dig 20-200uL

Product Description:

The Finnpipette Dig 20-200uL by Thermo Fisher is a precision pipette designed for accurate and efficient liquid handling in the laboratory. With a volume range of 20-200 microliters, this pipette is ideal for various applications such as sample preparation, PCR, and protein assays.

The Finnpipette Dig features an easy-to-read digital display for precise volume setting, ensuring reproducibility in experiments. The ergonomic design of the pipette guarantees user comfort during prolonged pipetting sessions.

This pipette is equipped with a tip cone compatible with universal tips, allowing for flexibility in tip selection based on the specific laboratory requirements. The single-channel configuration simplifies operation, making it suitable for both beginner and experienced users.

Overall, the Finnpipette Dig 20-200uL is a reliable and user-friendly tool that enhances pipetting accuracy and efficiency in research, pharmaceutical, and clinical labs.


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