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GasPak 100 Systems 1/Each

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CAT ID: 1094G12

MFR PART #: 1094G12

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Weight: 5 lbs

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Thomas Scientific - Accessories - 1094G12

GasPak 100 Systems 1/Each

Product Description:

The GasPak 100 System by Thomas Scientific is a reliable solution designed to create an anaerobic environment for microbiology applications. This system is essential for cultivating anaerobic microorganisms that cannot survive in the presence of oxygen. With its efficient oxygen removal capabilities, the GasPak 100 System provides a controlled environment necessary for bacterial growth and research purposes.

This system includes all the components needed to generate an oxygen-free atmosphere, ensuring optimal conditions for microbiological studies. The GasPak 100 System is user-friendly, offering ease of operation to researchers and laboratory professionals. By utilizing this system, you can conduct experiments with precision and accuracy, leading to consistent results.

Whether you are working in a clinical, research, or educational setting, the GasPak 100 System offers versatility and performance to meet your anaerobic culturing requirements. Trust Thomas Scientific for high-quality laboratory equipment that supports your scientific endeavors. Invest in the GasPak 100 System today and enhance the efficiency of your anaerobic studies.

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