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Flowmi Cell Strainers for 1000ul Pipette Tips; 70um porosity Package, 50/pk

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CAT ID: 1190G34

MFR PART #: 1190G34

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Weight: 5 lbs

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Thomas Scientific - Accessories - 1190G34

Flowmi Cell Strainers for 1000ul Pipette Tips; 70um porosity Package, 50/pk

Product Description:

The Flowmi Cell Strainers by Thomas Scientific are designed for use with 1000ul pipette tips, featuring a 70um porosity in each package of 50 pieces. These cell strainers are essential tools for the filtration of cell suspensions to obtain uniform single-cell suspensions for various downstream applications. By using these cell strainers, researchers can effectively remove clumps and debris from their samples, ensuring consistent and reliable results in cell culture, flow cytometry, microscopy, and other experiments. The 70um pore size allows for efficient filtration while preventing clogging, ultimately saving time and reducing the risk of contamination. Each pack provides a convenient and cost-effective solution for labs processing multiple samples, enhancing workflow efficiency and accuracy in cell-based assays and research. Trust Flowmi Cell Strainers to streamline your cell isolation and sample preparation processes with precision and ease.

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