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Revco* Freezer Accessories Each

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CAT ID: 1217B38

MFR PART #: 398187

Availability: Ships direct from manufacturer*

Weight: 5 lbs

*Manufacturer lead times may vary due to production delays, stock availability and weather conditions. If you wish to get information on alternatives, contact a Pipette.com Sales Representative

Thomas Scientific - Accessories - 1217B38

Revco* Freezer Accessories Each

Product Description:

Enhance the functionality of your Revco* freezer with these essential accessories from Thomas Scientific. Each package contains items designed to optimize the storage and organization within your freezer, ensuring efficiency and convenience. These accessories are crafted with quality materials to guarantee durability and reliability, making them suitable for long-term use in laboratory settings. Maximize the available space in your freezer with these purpose-built accessories, allowing you to store and retrieve samples with ease. Stay organized and streamline your workflow by integrating these accessories into your laboratory setup.Upgrade your freezer's capabilities and elevate your storage solutions with these reliable accessories from Thomas Scientific.

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