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Vista Lab - Pipettes - MLM-5

mLA Fixed Volume Macro Pipette, 5 mL, Yellow

Product Description:

The mLA Fixed Volume Macro Pipette in Yellow by Vista Lab offers precision and ease of use for your liquid handling needs. With a fixed volume of 5 mL, this pipette is ideal for various laboratory applications. The bright yellow color not only adds a pop of personality to your workspace but also helps in quick identification.

This pipette is designed for accuracy, allowing you to handle liquids confidently. Whether you are working in a research lab, medical facility, or educational setting, this pipette ensures consistent and reliable performance. The fixed volume eliminates the need for adjustment, streamlining your workflow.

Invest in the Vista Lab mLA Fixed Volume Macro Pipette for a durable and efficient solution to your pipetting requirements. Trust in its precision, ergonomic design, and overall quality to enhance your pipetting experience.


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