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Biotix - Pipette - xP-300

Xpipette 20-300ul

Product Description:

The Biotix Xpipette 20-300ul is a reliable and precise pipette designed to facilitate accurate liquid handling in the laboratory. With a volume range of 20-300ul, this pipette offers versatility for various applications, including molecular biology, biochemistry, and more.

This ergonomic pipette features a comfortable finger rest and a light, smooth plunger movement, ensuring ease of use during repetitive pipetting tasks. The adjustable volume setting allows for quick and effortless volume changes, enhancing efficiency in the lab.

The Biotix Xpipette 20-300ul is equipped with a durable tip cone that provides a secure seal with universal pipette tips, minimizing the risk of sample contamination. Its lightweight design reduces hand fatigue, making it ideal for prolonged pipetting sessions.

Overall, the Biotix Xpipette 20-300ul combines accuracy, precision, and user-friendly features to streamline liquid handling processes, making it an essential tool for research, diagnostics, and other laboratory procedures.


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