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Analytical Guard Column, HxSil C18, Reversed-Phase

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CAT ID: 79299

MFR PART #: 79299

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Weight: 5 lbs

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Hamilton - HPLC Columns - 79299

Analytical Guard Column, HxSil C18, Reversed-Phase

Product Description:

The Hamilton Analytical Guard Column with HxSil C18 Reversed-Phase chemistry is designed to enhance the performance and longevity of analytical HPLC columns. This guard column acts as a protective barrier, preventing contaminants from reaching the analytical column and extending its lifespan. The Reversed-Phase chemistry ensures efficient separation of compounds based on hydrophobic interactions.

Compatible with a wide range of HPLC systems, this guard column is easy to install and maintain, making it a valuable addition to any analytical laboratory. By utilizing the Hamilton Analytical Guard Column, analysts can achieve optimal chromatographic results, reduce downtime for column maintenance, and ultimately enhance the productivity of their analytical workflows. Trust in Hamilton's reputation for quality and precision to safeguard your analytical columns and improve the performance of your HPLC applications.

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