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PRP-1 10 um 100 A 10 x 250 mm, Reversed-Phase

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CAT ID: 79496

MFR PART #: 79496

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Hamilton - HPLC Columns - 79496

PRP-1 10 um 100 A 10 x 250 mm, Reversed-Phase

Product Description:

The Hamilton PRP-1 10um 100A 10 x 250 mm Reversed-Phase column is designed for high-performance liquid chromatography applications. With a particle size of 10 microns and a pore size of 100 angstroms, this column offers excellent separation efficiency. The 10 x 250 mm dimensions provide a good balance between resolution and analysis time.

This reversed-phase column is suitable for a wide range of compounds, making it versatile for different analytical needs. Whether separating complex mixtures in pharmaceutical research or analyzing compounds in environmental samples, the PRP-1 column delivers reliable and reproducible results.

Constructed with high-quality materials, the Hamilton PRP-1 column ensures durability and consistent performance. Its compatibility with various HPLC systems makes it easy to integrate into different laboratory setups. Scientists and researchers can rely on this column to provide accurate and precise separations for their diverse analytical requirements.

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