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PRP-1 5 um 100 A 7.0 x 305 mm, Reversed-Phase

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CAT ID: 79795

MFR PART #: 79795

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Hamilton - HPLC Columns - 79795

PRP-1 5 um 100 A 7.0 x 305 mm, Reversed-Phase

Product Description:

The Hamilton PRP-1 5μm 100Å column with dimensions of 7.0 x 305mm is designed for reversed-phase chromatography applications. This column is meticulously manufactured by Hamilton to deliver high performance and reliability in analytical processes. The 5μm particle size and 100Å pore size ensure efficient separation of compounds with different polarities.

With a length of 305mm and an inner diameter of 7.0mm, this column provides a large surface area for sample interactions, allowing for accurate and precise analyses. The reversed-phase characteristics make it ideal for pharmaceutical, environmental, and chemical analysis where compounds are separated based on hydrophobicity.

Hamilton, known for its quality chromatography products, guarantees that this PRP-1 column meets the demanding needs of laboratories requiring consistent and reproducible results. Upgrade your chromatography setup with the Hamilton PRP-1 5μm 100Å column to enhance the performance and efficiency of your separations.

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