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Semiprep/Preparative Guard Column, PRP-h5, Reversed-Phase

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CAT ID: 79921

MFR PART #: 79921

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Weight: 5 lbs

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Hamilton - HPLC Columns - 79921

Semiprep/Preparative Guard Column, PRP-h5, Reversed-Phase

Product Description:

The Semiprep/Preparative Guard Column by Hamilton, featuring PRP-h5 material in a reversed-phase design, is a valuable addition to your chromatography setup. This guard column enhances the performance and longevity of the main column by protecting it from particulates and contaminants, resulting in consistent and reliable separations.

Crafted for semiprep and preparative applications, this column is ideal for purifying compounds in research, pharmaceutical, or industrial laboratories. The PRP-h5 material ensures high efficiency and peak resolution, enabling precise separations of complex mixtures.

The guard column is compatible with a variety of solvents and compounds, offering flexibility in method development. Its robust design and quality construction ensure durability and optimal chromatographic results. Upgrade your chromatography system with the Hamilton Semiprep/Preparative Guard Column for improved sample purity, increased column life, and superior chromatographic performance.

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