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Sartorius - Pipettes - BC-10MLR (Certified Refurbished)

Certified Refurbished Sartorius Picus Electronic Pipette, 1-ch, 1-10mL

Product Description:

The Sartorius Picus Electronic Pipette is a reliable 1-channel pipette designed for volumes ranging from 1 to 10mL. This electronic pipette offers precision and accuracy, making it ideal for a wide range of laboratory applications. The ergonomic design ensures comfortable handling during prolonged pipetting sessions. With intuitive controls and a clear display, this pipette simplifies operation for enhanced user experience. The electronic functionality enables consistent and reproducible pipetting results, crucial for experiments requiring high precision. The Sartorius Picus Electronic Pipette is a valuable tool for researchers, scientists, and lab technicians who demand excellence in liquid handling. Trust in Sartorius quality for your pipetting needs.


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