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CAPP Bottle Top Dispenser

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CAPP - CF5-1

CAPP Bottle Top Dispenser

Product Description:

The CAPP Bottle Top Dispenser by Oxford Lab Products is a reliable and precise instrument designed for easy and efficient dispensing of various reagents and liquids in the laboratory. With its adjustable volume setting ranging from XXX to XXX, this dispenser offers versatility for a wide range of applications. The unique design ensures smooth dispensing with minimal effort, reducing the risk of repetitive strain injuries.

This dispenser features a durable construction that withstands the rigors of daily lab use, making it a long-lasting investment for your lab. The dispensing nozzle is resistant to corrosion, ensuring the integrity of your samples. The CAPP Bottle Top Dispenser is easy to disassemble and clean, allowing for quick maintenance and minimizing any potential contamination between different solutions.

Whether you are working in a research, clinical, or teaching laboratory, the CAPP Bottle Top Dispenser combines accuracy, reliability, and user-friendly operation to streamline your liquid handling processes.Upgrade your lab equipment today with the CAPP Bottle Top Dispenser for precise and hassle-free liquid dispensing.

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