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gSYNC 96 Well DNA Extraction Kit

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CAT ID: 96GS004

MFR PART #: 96GS004

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Weight: 2.25 lbs

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FroggaBIO USA Inc - 96GS004

gSYNC 96 Well DNA Extraction Kit

Product Description:

The gSYNC 96 Well DNA Extraction Kit by FroggaBIO USA Inc is a cutting-edge solution for extracting DNA samples efficiently. With 96 well format, this kit streamlines the extraction process, saving time and reducing the margin of error. It is designed for high-throughput DNA extraction applications in research laboratories, biotechnology companies, and academic institutions.

This kit utilizes advanced technology to ensure high yields of pure DNA, making it ideal for various downstream applications such as PCR, sequencing, and genotyping. The reliable performance of the gSYNC kit guarantees consistent results, enabling researchers to focus on their data analysis with confidence.

Whether you are working on genomic studies, forensic analysis, or clinical research, the gSYNC 96 Well DNA Extraction Kit offers a user-friendly experience with its simple protocol and compatibility with standard laboratory equipment. Enhance your workflow and achieve superior DNA extraction outcomes with this innovative kit from FroggaBIO USA Inc.

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