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Gilson - Pipette - P8-200L

Pipetman L 8-Channel Manual Pipette, 20-200 uL

Product Description:

The Gilson Pipetman L 8-Channel Manual Pipette offers precise and efficient liquid handling in laboratories. With a volume range of 20-200 uL, this pipette is ideal for high-throughput applications. The 8-channel design allows for simultaneous pipetting, saving time and ensuring uniformity across multiple samples.

Equipped with a user-friendly ergonomic design, the Pipetman L ensures comfortable operation even during extended pipetting sessions. The adjustable tip ejector and tip holder compatibility enhance adaptability to various lab protocols.

The Gilson Pipetman L guarantees accuracy and reproducibility in your pipetting tasks, contributing to reliable experimental results. This pipette is a valuable tool for research, pharmaceutical, clinical, and other laboratory settings where precision and efficiency are paramount. Upgrade your pipetting workflow with the Gilson Pipetman L 8-Channel Manual Pipette for consistent and reliable performance.


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