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AccuPet - Pipettes - AE12-100

EVO Pipette, 12-channel, 10-100 ul

Product Description:

The AccuPet EVO 12-channel pipette offers precision and efficiency in a variety of laboratory applications. With a volume range of 10-100 µl, this pipette enables accurate and consistent dispensing for high-throughput tasks. The 12-channel design allows for simultaneous dispensing, ideal for workflows that require increased productivity.

Featuring ergonomic design and intuitive operation, the AccuPet EVO pipette ensures user comfort during prolonged pipetting sessions. The lightweight construction further enhances user experience without compromising on durability or performance.

Whether used in research, pharmaceutical, or diagnostic labs, this pipette delivers reliable and reproducible results. The adjustable volume settings provide flexibility for various experimental needs, making it a versatile tool for scientists and technicians alike.

Trust in the AccuPet EVO 12-channel pipette for precise liquid handling, improved efficiency, and seamless integration into your laboratory protocols. Elevate your pipetting experience with this quality instrument from AccuPet.


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