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Pro Air Displacement 12-Channel Pipette, 30-300 uL

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CAT ID: AP12-300

MFR PART #: AP12-300

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Weight: 1.1 lbs

AccuPet - Pipettes - AP12-300

Pro Air Displacement 12-Channel Pipette, 30-300 uL

Product Description:

The Pro Air Displacement 12-Channel Pipette by AccuPet is a highly accurate tool designed for effortless multichannel pipetting in the laboratory. With a volume range of 30-300 uL, this pipette offers precision and reliability for various applications. The air displacement technology ensures smooth and consistent dispensing, making it ideal for high-throughput experiments.

This pipette features an ergonomic design for comfortable handling during extended periods of use, reducing the risk of hand fatigue. The 12-channel configuration allows for efficient sample handling, increasing productivity in the lab. The user-friendly operation makes it easy to switch between different volume settings, enhancing flexibility in experimental setups.

AccuPet's Pro 12-Channel Pipette is a valuable addition to any lab setting, offering accuracy, convenience, and durability. Whether you are working on PCR, ELISA, or other assays requiring repetitive pipetting, this versatile tool can streamline your workflow and deliver reliable results. Trust in the AccuPet brand for your pipetting needs, and experience enhanced efficiency in your daily laboratory tasks.


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