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Aero 8-Channel Pipette, 10-100 uL, Orange Plunger Top

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CAT ID: C100-8

MFR PART #: C100-8

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CAPP - Pipettes - C100-8

Aero 8-Channel Pipette, 10-100 uL, Orange Plunger Top

Product Description:

The Aero 8-Channel Pipette by CAPP is a versatile tool designed for precision and efficiency in liquid handling. With a volume range of 10-100 uL, this pipette is ideal for various applications in research, diagnostics, and other laboratory settings. The distinctive orange plunger top not only adds a pop of color to your workspace but also allows for quick and easy identification.

Featuring 8 channels, this pipette enables simultaneous dispensing, increasing productivity and reducing repetitive strain. The ergonomic design ensures user comfort during extended periods of use, contributing to consistent and reliable results. The robust construction of the Aero pipette guarantees durability and long-term performance, making it a valuable addition to any lab.

Whether you are working with samples, reagents, or buffers, the Aero 8-Channel Pipette offers exceptional accuracy and precision, ensuring reproducibility in your experiments. Streamline your pipetting tasks with this reliable instrument from CAPP, a trusted brand in the laboratory equipment industry.


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