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CAPP - Pipettes - C300-12

Aero 12-Channel Pipette, 30-300 uL, Black Plunger Top

Product Description:

The Aero 12-Channel Pipette by CAPP is designed for precision and efficiency in liquid handling tasks. With a volume range of 30-300 uL, this pipette offers versatility for various laboratory applications. The black plunger top not only provides a sleek design but also ensures comfortable operation.

This pipette is ideal for high-throughput environments where speed and accuracy are crucial. The 12-channel design allows for simultaneous multi-dispensing, saving valuable time during repetitive pipetting tasks.

The ergonomic construction of the Aero Pipette reduces hand strain during prolonged use, promoting user comfort and efficiency. The lightweight yet durable materials make this pipette a reliable tool for daily laboratory use.

Whether you are working in research, diagnostics, or any other laboratory setting that requires precise liquid measurements, the Aero 12-Channel Pipette delivers the accuracy and convenience you need to enhance your workflow. Trust in the quality and performance of CAPP's pipetting solutions to optimize your lab processes.


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