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Aero 8-Channel Pipette, 5-50 uL, Red Plunger Top

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CAT ID: C50-8

MFR PART #: C50-8

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CAPP - Pipettes - C50-8

Aero 8-Channel Pipette, 5-50 uL, Red Plunger Top

Product Description:

The Aero 8-Channel Pipette by CAPP is a precise tool designed for effortless and accurate liquid handling. With a volume range of 5-50 uL, this pipette is ideal for various laboratory applications that require small volume transfers. The distinct red plunger top not only adds a pop of color but also ensures easy identification.

This pipette features a reliable construction that guarantees consistent performance. The 8-channel design enhances workflow efficiency, allowing for simultaneous pipetting across multiple samples. Whether you are working in research, diagnostics, or any other scientific setting, this pipette provides the accuracy and convenience you need.

The ergonomic design of the Aero 8-Channel Pipette reduces hand strain during prolonged pipetting sessions, promoting user comfort. This user-friendly pipette is suitable for both experienced professionals and beginners in the lab. Upgrade your liquid handling capabilities with the CAPP Aero 8-Channel Pipette for reliable results every time.


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