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Filter Conn.piece F/easypet

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CAT ID: 22236199

MFR PART #: 22236199

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Eppendorf Filter Conn.piece F/easypet

Filter Conn.piece F/easypet

Product Description:

The Eppendorf Filter Connecting Piece for Easypet is designed to enhance the functionality of your Easypet pipette filler. This accessory facilitates the filtration of liquids directly during aspiration, streamlining your laboratory workflow. The Filter Connecting Piece is compatible with Eppendorf Easypet 3 and Easypet 4 models, ensuring a seamless integration with your existing equipment. By utilizing this accessory, you can efficiently protect your samples from contamination, resulting in reliable and reproducible results. The transparent design allows for visual monitoring of the filtration process, adding convenience to your experiments. Upgrade your Easypet pipette filler with the Eppendorf Filter Connecting Piece to experience improved efficiency and accuracy in your liquid handling tasks.

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