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Tmate Lifting Rod 50 And 200

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Eppendorf Tmate Lifting Rod 50 And 200

Tmate Lifting Rod 50 And 200

Product Description:

The Tmate Lifting Rod 50 and 200 by Eppendorf is designed for use with Eppendorf Thermomixers and ThermoStat plus. This versatile lifting rod allows for easy and secure handling of Eppendorf SmartBlocks, enabling efficient heating and mixing applications in the lab. The lifting rod is compatible with both 50 mL and 200 mL Eppendorf tubes, offering flexibility in experimental setups.

Constructed from high-quality materials, the Tmate Lifting Rod ensures stability and durability during operation, providing a reliable solution for various laboratory tasks. Its ergonomic design promotes user comfort and safety while facilitating quick and convenient adjustments. By using the Tmate Lifting Rod, researchers can streamline workflows, enhance precision, and achieve consistent results in their work.

Overall, the Eppendorf Tmate Lifting Rod 50 and 200 is a valuable accessory for laboratories seeking to optimize their sample preparation processes and maximize the performance of Eppendorf Thermomixers and ThermoStat plus instruments.

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