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4850 Transformer 9v, Female

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CAT ID: 22464221

MFR PART #: 22464221

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Eppendorf 4850 Transformer 9v, Female

4850 Transformer 9v, Female

Product Description:

The Eppendorf 4850 Transformer 9v, Female is designed to provide a reliable power source for your laboratory equipment. With its 9-volt output, this transformer ensures consistent power supply to your devices, reducing the risk of fluctuations that could affect your experiments. The female connector makes it easy to connect and disconnect from compatible devices effortlessly.

This transformer is an essential accessory for laboratories where precision and accuracy are paramount. It is compatible with a range of Eppendorf instruments, adding to its versatility. The durable construction of the transformer ensures longevity, providing a stable power source for your equipment over an extended period.

Invest in the Eppendorf 4850 Transformer 9v, Female to enhance the performance of your lab instruments and maintain reliable power supply for your critical experiments. Trust in Eppendorf's expertise in laboratory equipment to support your research needs seamlessly.

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