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Fisher Brand - Pipettes - FFI-5000

Fisherbrand Finnpipette Scp 1-5mL
Weight: 1.1

CAT ID: FFI-5000

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Product Description:

Fisherbrand Finnpipette Scp 1-5mL

Designed for simple, one-handed operation to ensure safety even while dispensing infectious liquids Convenient single-channel pipetters. Micro and macro models available. A simple turn of the thumb knob sets desired volume. Knob is color-coded according to volume range. The Finnpipette Digital ensures guaranteed accuracy and precision. Thermo has applied the expertise gained in the years of pipette development to its macro range of digital Finnpipettes (1-5 ml and 2-10 ml). The results is a lightweight, easy-to-use pipette that avoids the risks associated with glass pipettes. All macro range Finnpipettes have a unique, specially designed piston assembly which completely eliminates vortex contamination, a common problem when pipetting large volumes . Macro pipetting for large volumes - 1 ml to 10 ml.


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