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MuLtichannel Pipette, 8 Channel, 50 - 300 uL

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CAT ID: LN8-300M

MFR PART #: P4008-300

Availability: Ships direct from manufacturer*

Weight: 1.1 lbs

*Manufacturer lead times may vary due to production delays, stock availability and weather conditions. If you wish to get information on alternatives, contact a Pipette.com Sales Representative

Labnet - Pipettes - LN8-300M

MuLtichannel Pipette, 8 Channel, 50 - 300 uL

Product Description:

Highly accurate and comfortable to use, the Labpettes feature a slender shaft designed to fit most pipette tips. Chemically resistant seals and finely polished stainless steel pistons provide superior accuracy and precision. The lightweight and well proportioned design helps to reduce fatigue during extended pipetting sessions. Whether used in the left or right hand, the digital display is always visible. The micrometer is protected from thermal expansion by the pipette body and slightly recessed to prevent unintentional change. Carousel the Labpette single channel pipettes are available in variable and fixed volumes and with or without tip ejector. They cover a range of 0.1µl - 5,000µl. The Labpette Multi channel pipettes are available in eight and twelve channels covering a range of 1µl - 300µl. Each Pipette is individually tested and supplied with a certificate of quality and variable volume pipettes are supplied with an in-lab calibration tool.


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