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Maxtrix Pipette, 12 channel, 2-30 ul

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CONDITION: Refurbished


MFR PART #: 2230

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Weight: 1.25 lbs

Matrix - Pipette - TFM12-30R (Certified Refurbished)

Maxtrix Pipette, 12 channel, 2-30 ul

Product Description:

The Matrix Maxtrix Pipette is a reliable 12-channel instrument designed for precise liquid handling in the laboratory setting. With a volume range of 2-30 µl, this pipette offers flexibility for various applications such as PCR preparation, ELISA testing, and other high-throughput tasks. The 12-channel design allows for efficient pipetting, increasing productivity while maintaining accuracy.

Crafted by Matrix, a trusted manufacturer in the industry, this pipette ensures high quality and performance. The ergonomic design provides users with comfort during prolonged pipetting sessions, reducing the risk of repetitive strain injuries. The easy-to-use functionality makes it suitable for both experienced professionals and beginners in the lab.

Whether you are working in research, diagnostics, or pharmaceuticals, the Matrix Maxtrix Pipette is a valuable tool to streamline your workflows. Trust in its precision, user-friendly operation, and durability to meet your liquid handling needs with consistency and excellence.


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