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1mL universal pipette tip, clear, buLk bag of 1, 000

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Nichiryo 1mL universal pipette tip, clear, buLk bag of 1, 000

1mL universal pipette tip, clear, buLk bag of 1, 000

Product Description:

The Nichiryo 1mL universal pipette tips in a clear color come in a bulk bag containing 1,000 tips. These high-quality pipette tips are designed to ensure precision and accuracy in various laboratory applications. The universal design makes them compatible with a wide range of single and multi-channel pipettes, offering versatility to the user.

Crafted with attention to detail, these pipette tips guarantee a secure fit to the pipette, reducing the risk of sample contamination and ensuring reliable dispensing. The clear material allows for easy visualization of the liquid levels during pipetting, aiding in the precise transfer of liquids.

Whether in research, diagnostics, or academic laboratories, these Nichiryo universal pipette tips are indispensable tools for scientists and technicians who prioritize consistent and reproducible results. Stocking up with this bulk packaging of 1,000 tips ensures that your lab remains well-equipped for numerous experiments without the need for frequent restocking, ultimately saving time and resources. Trust in Nichiryo's reputation for excellence in laboratory consumables with these convenient and reliable pipette tips.


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