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LE Breeze Digital Micropipette 0.5-10 uL

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MFR PART #: 00-NLE-10

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Weight: 2.5 lbs

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Breeze LE UltraLite Single Channel Pipettes- - NLE-10

LE Breeze Digital Micropipette 0.5-10 uL

Product Description:

The Nichiryo LE Breeze Digital Micropipette offers precise liquid handling capabilities in the range of 0.5-10 uL. This ergonomic micropipette is designed for comfort during prolonged use, featuring a digital display for easy volume monitoring. The adjustable volume settings make it versatile for various laboratory applications, ensuring accuracy and reproducibility in pipetting tasks.

With Nichiryo's quality engineering, the LE Breeze Digital Micropipette guarantees reliable performance and durability. The intuitive design allows for effortless single-handed operation, enhancing efficiency in the lab. Whether you're working in research, diagnostics, or any other laboratory setting that demands precise liquid transfers, this micropipette is a valuable tool to have.

Invest in the Nichiryo LE Breeze Digital Micropipette to streamline your pipetting processes and experience consistent results in your experiments. This instrument is a reliable companion for scientists and lab technicians seeking accuracy and convenience in their daily pipetting routines.


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