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Nichipet EX II Autoclavable/uv Stable Digital Micropipette 0.1-2.0uL

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MFR PART #: 00-NPX2-2

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Weight: 2.5 lbs

Nichiryo Nichipet EX II Single Channel Pipettes- - NPX-2

Nichipet EX II Autoclavable/uv Stable Digital Micropipette 0.1-2.0uL

Product Description:

The Nichipet EX II Autoclavable/UV Stable Digital Micropipette offers precision and convenience in handling volumes ranging from 0.1 to 2.0uL. Manufactured by Nichiryo, this micropipette is designed to withstand autoclaving and UV exposure, ensuring durability and sterility in laboratory settings. The digital display enhances accuracy in volume dispensing, making it ideal for various applications such as molecular biology, microbiology, and pharmaceutical work. With its user-friendly interface, ergonomic design, and reliable performance, the Nichipet EX II is a valuable tool for researchers and technicians who require consistent and reproducible results. Upgrade your pipetting experience with this high-quality micropipette that combines precision, durability, and ease of use for efficient liquid handling in scientific experiments.


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