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Rainin - Pipette - E8-50XLS+

Rainin E4 XLS+ electronic 8 channel pipette, 5-50 uL, for use with LTS tips

Product Description:

The Rainin E4 XLS+ electronic 8-channel pipette is designed for precise liquid handling in laboratories. With a volume range of 5-50 uL, this pipette is suitable for various applications, including high-throughput screening and multi-channel dispensing.

Equipped to work seamlessly with LTS tips, this electronic pipette offers ease of use and accuracy in pipetting tasks. The electronic functionality ensures consistent and reproducible results, making it ideal for research, diagnostics, and pharmaceutical workflows.

The 8-channel design of this pipette allows for efficient handling of multiple samples at once, saving time and effort during experiments. The ergonomic and lightweight construction further enhances user comfort during prolonged pipetting sessions.

Overall, the Rainin E4 XLS+ electronic 8-channel pipette is a reliable tool for laboratories seeking precision, efficiency, and convenience in their liquid handling processes.


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