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Sartorius - Pipettes - BU-10

Proline + Mech. Pipette, 1-ch, 0.5-10 ul

Product Description:

The Sartorius Proline Mechanical Pipette is a reliable 1-channel device designed for precise liquid handling in the laboratory. With a volume range of 0.5-10 µl, this pipette offers accuracy and consistency in dispensing small volumes of liquids. The mechanical operation ensures dependable performance without the need for batteries, making it a convenient tool for various applications.

This pipette is ergonomically designed for comfortable daily use, reducing hand strain during repetitive pipetting tasks. The single-channel design allows for easy and quick aspiration and dispensing, improving workflow efficiency in the lab. Its lightweight construction further enhances user comfort during extended pipetting sessions.

Ideal for research, clinical, or industrial laboratories, the Sartorius Proline Mechanical Pipette is a valuable tool for achieving precise and reproducible results. Trust in this pipette for your liquid handling needs, whether you are performing PCR setups, enzyme assays, or other applications that demand accurate pipetting in the microliter range. Choose reliability and performance with Sartorius Proline Mechanical Pipette.


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