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Low Adhesion Micrewtube, Tubes 2.0mL Ss 1000 Pc/cs

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Simport Scientific Low Adhesion Micrewtube, Tubes 2.0mL Ss 1000 Pc/cs

Low Adhesion Micrewtube, Tubes 2.0mL Ss 1000 Pc/cs

Product Description:

These Low Adhesion Micrewtube tubes by Simport Scientific, INC. come in a case of 1000 pieces. With a volume capacity of 2.0mL, these tubes are designed with special attention to minimizing liquid retention and maximizing sample recovery. This feature is particularly beneficial when working with precious samples that require minimal waste. The tubes are made of high-quality materials to ensure durability and reliability during handling and centrifugation processes.

These tubes are ideal for a wide range of laboratory applications such as sample storage, centrifugation, and molecular biology procedures. The low adhesion property of these Micrewtube tubes facilitates easy and efficient pipetting, reducing the risk of sample loss during transfers. With these tubes, researchers can expect consistent and accurate results due to the precision engineering that eliminates concerns related to contamination or sample interaction.Upgrade your laboratory workflow with these user-friendly, high-performance Micrewtube tubes from Simport Scientific, INC.


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