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FINNPIPETTE NOVUS 12 CH, 1 unit, 1 unit/CS

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CAT ID: 46300500

MFR PART #: 46300500

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Weight: 1.1 lbs

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Thermo Fisher - Pipette - 46300500

FINNPIPETTE NOVUS 12 CH, 1 unit, 1 unit/CS

Product Description:

The Thermo Fisher FINNPIPETTE NOVUS 12 CH is a precision pipette designed to deliver accurate and reproducible liquid handling for various laboratory applications. With a volume range of XX to XX microliters, this pipette offers versatility in dispensing different volumes of liquids with ease. The ergonomic design ensures user comfort during prolonged pipetting sessions, reducing the risk of strain or fatigue. The FINNPIPETTE NOVUS 12 CH features a durable construction, making it suitable for everyday use in research, quality control, and other scientific settings. This pipette is a reliable tool for achieving precise results in molecular biology, microbiology, and biotechnology protocols. Upgrade your liquid handling capabilities with the Thermo Fisher FINNPIPETTE NOVUS 12 CH for efficient and accurate pipetting tasks in the lab.


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