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Thermo Fisher - Pipette - 4642040

FINNPIPETTE F2, 1-10UL, 1 unit/CS

Product Description:

The FINNPIPETTE F2 by Thermo Fisher is designed for precise liquid handling in the laboratory. With a volume range of 1-10µL, this single-channel pipette ensures accurate and reliable pipetting for various applications. The ergonomic design allows for comfortable pipetting over extended periods, reducing user fatigue. The lightweight construction further enhances user experience without compromising on durability.

Equipped with a easy-to-use volume adjustment mechanism, the FINNPIPETTE F2 facilitates quick and efficient volume setting. The tip ejector button enables effortless tip ejection after use, streamlining workflow processes in the lab. Compatible with a variety of liquid types, this pipette is a versatile tool for your research needs.

Whether you are working in research, clinical, or industrial laboratories, the FINNPIPETTE F2 provides the precision and convenience required for your liquid handling tasks. Trust in Thermo Fisher's quality and innovation to meet your pipetting needs effectively.


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