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Vista Lab - Pipettes - MLM-3

mLA Fixed Volume Macro Pipette, 3 mL, Green

Product Description:

The Vista Lab mLA Fixed Volume Macro Pipette in the distinct color Green offers a 3 mL capacity, providing accurate and precise liquid handling capabilities for various laboratory applications. This ergonomic pipette is designed for comfort during prolonged pipetting sessions, reducing user fatigue. With its fixed volume feature, it ensures consistent and reproducible results, ideal for routine pipetting tasks. The color-coded design not only adds a splash of vibrance to your workspace but also enables easy identification of different volume ranges.

This high-quality pipette from Vista Lab is a reliable instrument for researchers, technicians, and scientists working in life science, pharmaceutical, clinical, and chemical laboratories. It is engineered to deliver smooth and effortless pipetting, enhancing efficiency and workflow in the lab. The 3 mL volume capacity caters to a wide range of sample volumes, making this pipette a versatile tool for various experimental needs. Upgrade your pipetting experience with the Vista Lab mLA Fixed Volume Macro Pipette for consistent and accurate liquid transfers.


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