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IBS Integra - Pipettes - IE12-1250R

Certified Refurbished IBS Integra Evolve Manual Pipette, 12 channel, 100-1250 ul

Product Description:

The IBS Integra Evolve Manual Pipette offers precise liquid handling with its 12-channel design and volume range of 100-1250 µl. This pipette is suitable for various applications in laboratories, allowing for efficient and accurate dispensing of liquids. With the ergonomic design of the pipette, users can experience comfort during prolonged pipetting sessions, reducing hand fatigue. The Integra Evolve Manual Pipette is a reliable tool for tasks that require multiple dispensing steps, increasing productivity and workflow efficiency. Ideal for research, pharmaceutical, clinical, and other laboratory settings, this pipette combines ease of use with high performance to meet the demands of modern laboratories.


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