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EVO Pipette, 12-channel, 0.5-10 ul

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CAT ID: AE12-10

MFR PART #: AE12-10

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AccuPet - Pipettes - AE12-10

EVO Pipette, 12-channel, 0.5-10 ul

Product Description:

The AccuPet EVO Pipette is a 12-channel pipette designed for precise liquid handling in the volume range of 0.5-10 ul. This ergonomic pipette offers excellent accuracy and repeatability, making it ideal for high-throughput applications in laboratories. The 12-channel design allows for simultaneous dispensing or aspirating of samples, improving efficiency and reducing processing times. Whether used for PCR set-up, ELISA assays, or other multiwell plate applications, this pipette ensures reliable performance. The lightweight construction and comfortable finger hook enable prolonged pipetting sessions with minimal user fatigue. Enhance your lab's productivity and results with the AccuPet EVO Pipette, a reliable tool for modern liquid handling needs.


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