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Pipette tips (0.5-5mL) bag of 1000 - Pipette-/Filter Tips

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CAT ID: 702600

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BrandTech Scientific Pipette tips (0.5-5mL) bag of 1000 - Pipette-/Filter Tips

Pipette tips (0.5-5mL) bag of 1000 - Pipette-/Filter Tips

Product Description:

The BrandTech Scientific Pipette Tips (0.5-5mL) come in a convenient bag of 1000 tips. These high-quality pipette tips are designed to ensure precise and accurate liquid handling in the laboratory. The universal design of these tips makes them compatible with a wide range of pipettes, providing versatility to researchers and lab technicians. The inclusion of a filter in the tips prevents contamination and ensures reliable results during pipetting tasks. Whether working with samples in research, clinical, or industrial laboratories, these pipette tips offer consistent performance and ease of use. Stocking up on these reliable pipette tips ensures seamless workflow and dependable results in various liquid handling applications. Trust BrandTech Scientific for your laboratory needs and experience the difference in quality and performance with these Pipette-/Filter Tips.


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