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Pipetman Concept C8x10, 1-10 uL

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CAT ID: PC8-10

MFR PART #: F31032

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Gilson - Pipette - PC8-10

Pipetman Concept C8x10, 1-10 uL

Product Description:

The Gilson Pipetman Concept C8x10 offers precise and reliable pipetting in the 1-10 uL range. With its ergonomic design, it ensures comfortable operation even during prolonged use. This pipette is ideal for applications requiring high accuracy such as PCR preparation, enzyme assays, and protein dilutions. The Pipetman Concept C8x10 enhances productivity with its easy calibration features and smooth piston movement. It guarantees accurate and consistent results with each use, reducing the margin of error in experiments. Trust Gilson's reputation for quality and innovation in liquid handling solutions with the Pipetman Concept C8x10.


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