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Thermo Fisher - Pipettes - TFFSC-10

Finnpipette Focus Sc 1-10uL

Product Description:

The Thermo Fisher Finnpipette Focus Sc 1-10uL is a precision instrument designed for accurate and efficient pipetting in laboratory settings. This adjustable single-channel pipette offers a volume range from 1 to 10 microliters, making it ideal for various applications such as molecular biology, cell culture, and PCR setup.

With its lightweight design and ergonomic grip, the Finnpipette Focus Sc 1-10uL ensures comfort during prolonged pipetting sessions, reducing user fatigue. The easy-to-read volume display and adjustable plunger make volume setting simple and intuitive, enhancing productivity in the lab.

The Finnpipette Focus Sc 1-10uL features a durable construction and smooth piston movement, guaranteeing precise and consistent results with each use. The compatibility with a wide range of universal pipette tips adds versatility to this essential pipetting tool.

Invest in the Thermo Fisher Finnpipette Focus Sc 1-10uL for reliable and accurate pipetting performance, ultimately enhancing the quality and efficiency of your laboratory work.


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